Handmade journals for your planetary adventures,
from mountain top to coffee shop.
— Emily Hancock, Planet Poetry founder

At Planet Poetry we believe in three things:

  • the beauty of the earth
  • the power of language
  • the vitality of handcraft

These three passions led us to innovate gorgeous, rugged, one-of-a-kind blank books that can accompany you on your one-of-a-kind adventures in this world. Our journals:

  • are things of handmade care, beauty, and strength
  • are sourced from earth-loving materials
  • invite you to new creativity and exploration

This is your planet ~ WRITE ON!

Our Founder

Emily Hancock is a letterpress printer, poet, and bookbinder at St Brigid Press, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She has had three central passions in life: Nature, Poetry, and Handcraft. These well-springs flow together in harmony with her vision of a great blank book ~ a thing of beauty and quality, made with earth-friendly materials, and inviting new creativity, exploration, and expression. Planet Poetry is dedicated to bringing about that vision, to creating a world-class journal by hand, from our hands to yours.

Our papers, our process

We begin by selecting gorgeous, strong, handmade papers from Nepal. Made from the native lokta plant, they have been an important sustainable economic venture for folks in the Himalayan region since the 12th century. Cutting the large handmade sheets to size here in the Bindery is the next step, followed by affixing them to sustainably-sourced bamboo cover stock. The warm-white interior pages, made of the same bamboo paper in a text-weight, are then hand-sewn with linen thread in a multi-section figure-8 binding style that is very strong and allows the book to open flat. 

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