"Where is the bright, beautiful cover paper from?"

  • The cover papers for the Kathmandu lines of journals originates in Nepal. It is handmade there by paper artisans working with fibers from the lokta plant (a kind of mulberry). The Nepalese have been making fine quality papers since the 12th century, and it continues to be a culturally and economically important, sustainable craft.

"What is the interior paper of the journals?"

  • The Kathmandu lines of journals use bamboo stock for both the interior text pages, and a thicker version for the interior covers (what the decorative Nepalese paper is glued to, to provide extra sturdiness without unnecessary bulk). Bamboo is fast becoming a go-to paper for book arts. It is excellent in quality and in environmental friendliness/sustainability.

"Are the pages lined?"

  • No. The pages are wide-open ~ just like your life!

"Can I use these journals as sketch books?"

  • Yes! We have found that the bamboo paper loves pencil or pen. Though the current editions are not recommended for watercolor, we are working on a line of journals that will be perfect for that medium. Stay tuned!

"Who does the letterpress printed bands that protect the journals?"

  • We do! Planet Poetry is part of St Brigid Press, a full-service fine press book publisher specializing in letterpress printing. We have an extensive collection of vintage presses, metal and wood type, and bindery equipment. See the above link for more information about our letterpress work.

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