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15th Century Meets 21st Century -- from Gutenberg to the Digital Age

Hello Friends! Though we spend most of our days in the Shop hand-setting type, letter-by-letter and space-by-space, and sewing books with needle and linen thread, there ARE times when we emerge -- blinking -- into the light of the Year 2013 ;-)

St Brigid Press is now on Facebook. Yes, that's right. Check us out at Here we will be posting short updates, pictures, and videos several times a week, to give you a taste of what's happening at the Press in almost-real time. If you're already on Facebook yourself, "Like" us and invite your friends to "Like" us. We are grateful to make new connections!

Enjoy the Beauty of these Autumn days, and keep in touch,

St Brigid Press

Part of a suite of photos and a video we posted on Facebook yesterday, showing the process of printing the covers for our new "Bulfinch Journal" (coming soon!).