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Printing the Winter Sky

Courtesy NASA, public domain. Greetings All,

As the late-Autumn days roll into quickening, deepening darkness, Summer stars set and the constellations of Winter begin to rise. Our old friend, Orion, is now climbing above the hill to the east, beginning his hunting season.

A lifelong love of stargazing, combined with the creative crisp of these clear cold nights, has inspired a new series of block prints here at St Brigid Press. The first is a carving of the constellation Orion rising in lunar light ~ "Hunter's Moon."

"Hunter's Moon" block print.

Handcarved by Emily Hancock into a linoleum block, "Hunter's Moon" is printed with night-blue ink on the Poco Proofing Press in limited edition. Each print is signed, numbered, and double-matted (finished, framable size is 8"x10"). To order, please see our Online Store.

With thanks, and keep an eye to the sky!

St Brigid Press

The Harvest moon...

... and the Hunter in his field of stars.

Carving the Winter sky and moon into a linoleum block.



Printing Presses at St Brigid Press

Greetings Friends! With the pressroom here at SBP now rounded out with four vintage presses, we thought you might like a closer look at the marvelous machines that do the heavy work of printing everything from coasters to books. I've created a new page on this site that gives a brief description and a couple of photos of each press.

To learn a little more about the 3000+ pounds of cast iron and steel, click here: Printing Presses at SBP.

With thanks, and all best to all,

St Brigid Press

How DO you get three-quarters-of-a-ton of cast iron through the shop door?!