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Summer News from St Brigid Press


Summer News from St Brigid Press

Greetings, Friends!

Summer is in full-swing here at the Press, and we have a few new projects to debut: 

  • Blue Bird Greeting Cards
  • HIKE Virginia Postcards
  • Gone Fishin' Coasters

When we first spied this wonderful ornament of swallows in flight, we knew it had to be a feature on our next greeting card project. Not only do the birds appear on each design, we decided to name the whole line after them ~ Blue Bird Greeting Cards!

Available in two styles at the moment, "thinking of you" and "happiest of days," these letterpress printed cards can carry your well wishes near and far.


Next up: postcards!

Inspired by the natural beauty out the Press's front door, we've created two postcards that celebrate Virginia's mountains:

Each are USPS-compliant, and come pre-paid ~ all you have to do is pen and send!


Lastly, here is our brand new coaster design, perfect for slipping under a drink at the end of a lazy summer day by the river:

Found in the back of an old typecase, we love this vintage copper print block! And, as with all of our coasters, these are extra-thick, color-fast, and biodegradable.


Thanks for taking a look at what's happening at the Press this summer! If you'd like to see more photos and information about these items, please see the listing on our Products page!

All best to all,

St Brigid Press



We're Gettin' Personal

Monogrammed Coasters R

With personalized monogrammed coasters!

Here at St Brigid Press, we are honored to have a sweet collection of historic wood type, most of which was made between 1875 and 1910. So we thought this would be a great opportunity to show off the beauty of these vintage typefaces, while offering a new custom letterpress service!

Some of the vintage wood type in the St Brigid Press collection.  The typeface pictured is called "DeVinne," manufactured by the Morgans & Wilcox Company (Middletown, NY), in the late 19th century.

The coasters are printed on 4"-round, extra-thick stock. They are durable, reusable, colorfast, and, when the last drip of Pinot Noir finally obscures the type, fully recyclable and biodegradable. In addition to the vintage wood type letter, each coaster is embellished with a gorgeous wood type decoration, featuring historic flower-and-leaf designs from the late 1800s.

Monogrammed Coasters, flourishes

Monogrammed Coasters, Inky A

In-stock coasters come in sets-of-6, printed in luscious deep green, and available direct from our Online STORE. Currently in-stock letters: A, B, C, G, H, N, R, and S.

Don't see your letter? Need a different color? Email us! We are happy to print custom orders of monogrammed coasters, journal covers, and stationery ~

With thanks, and all best from the Press,

St Brigid Press

For more information about the wonderful world of wood type, check out the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

An "S" on the Press.  Coasters are letterpress printed on our 1914 Chandler & Price foot-treadled press.

In-stock coasters come in sets-of-6.

The back of each coaster features the St Brigid Press imprint.

Vintage wood type and wood decorations.



Raise Your Glasses, Everyone!


…And see who can find

all 8 classic styles of beer or 8 varietals of wine

hidden in these coasters' word puzzles!

St Brigid being the patron saint of both poets and brewmasters, we here at St Brigid Press enjoy a good pint of porter or glass of cabernet with good friends after the workday is done. In honor of this, we've designed an old-fashioned word puzzle to share over your next round!

Beer Puzzle Coasters

These puzzles are one-of-a-kind, designed here by Emily Hancock (a long-time fan of word puzzles) and letterpress printed from hand-set metal type on thick coaster stock. They are durable, reusable, and colorfast. And when the last stain of stout or Merlot has finally obscured the letters, these coasters are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Wine Puzzle Coasters

$12 per set-of-6. Order direct from St Brigid Press HERE. Or if you are in the Waynesboro, Virginia, area, pick these up at Stone Soup Books. (And for a list of the hidden beer styles and wine varietals, click HEREdon't peek!!!).

CHEERS, Friends!

St Brigid Press

Each letter in the puzzles is hand-set...

…and printed one-at-a-time on the 1914 Chandler and Price foot-treadled press.

The back of each coaster displays our imprint.

The bag tags for the coaster sets are also hand-set and letterpress printed.

Cheers! (…We'll fix that empty glass after work ;-)



Letterpress Coaster Classics ~ Holiday Cheer

Sun Coaster closeup Here's a little extra sunshine to lighten these dark winter days ~ beautiful solstice coasters!

In an old cabinet of type we acquired last year, we discovered this vintage metal printing block with its lovely, radiating sun image.

Sun Coaster on press

Letterpress printed here in the Shop on extra-thick coaster stock, the coasters are durable, reusable, and colorfast. Fully recyclable and biodegradable. $11.95 per set of six (6) coasters. To order, click HERE.

What's at the bottom of your glass?

All the best,

St Brigid Press

Sun Coaster press package

Sun Coaster back

CHEERS, Friends!!!



Coaster Contemplations

Schwaner Coasters Set

Hello dear Friends,

As the first real chilly weather arrives outside, we're workin' up a sweat inside the Shop ~ treadling our 1914 Chandler and Price printing press to bring you some contemplative coasters to slip under your glass of holiday cheer!

The back of the coasters, with the haiku series' title, author name, and colophon.

Poet Jeff Schwaner, author of three collections of poetry, has written a wonderful sequence of eight linked haiku entitled "Night Walk on Cape Cod." Originally published in his book, Vanishing Tracks, Schwaner recently approached St Brigid Press with the notion of letterpress printing the haiku as a set of coasters. Needless to say, we thought the idea brilliant, and set to work composing the lovely poems in metal type. Here's a taste of the depth and elegiac beauty of Schwaner's work:


Write about home she

said ~ many journeys later

I write about her


Schwaner Coasters Wine Glass Stem


Every walk

Is a walk with a stranger

Identity's tides


The first haiku in the set of eight.

Each haiku, a thoughtful little cosmos in itself, is thematically and emotionally linked with its seven companions, telling the heart's story of home, memory, and connection-through-time. All of which are fine musings to mull over a glass of wine, tea, hot chocolate, or spiced rum, and which are -- like a cup of coffee -- good to the last drop.

Each set of 8 haiku coasters (one for each poem) were designed, hand-set, and letterpress printed here in the Shop on extra-thick coaster stock. The coasters are durable, reusable, colorfast, and, when the final red wine stain at last obscures the poetry, fully recyclable and biodegradable. The top side, with haiku, are printed in dark green; the bottom side, with title, sequence number, author and printer names, is printed in deep blue. Limited edition. $16 per set-of-eight coasters.

To order from the St Brigid Press Store, click HERE.

Many thanks to Jeff Schwaner for a fun and meaningful collaboration. And all the best to each of you for a peaceful week,

St Brigid Press

Here's a video of the printing of the coasters, plus more photos of the process and the product:


Hand-mixing the deep green oil-based ink for the front (poem-side) of the coasters.

Each poem in the eight-coaster set, plus the back, is hand-set with metal type.

Letterpress printed on the foot-treadled Chandler and Price 10x15 NS printing press, which was made in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1914.

Each poem is good to the last drop ;-)