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The People's Press


The People's Press

The constitutional guarantee of freedom of the press is something we’ve always taken seriously here at St Brigid Press. We’re grateful to be able to practice our crafts of printing and poetry in a free spirit and a free society. 

It’s important, however, to continue to be vigilant ~ to remind each other and our elected representatives of how precious and vital are our democracy and freedom. We have many wise voices, past and present, who stood up (or, like Rosa Parks, sat down) and spoke out for our inalienable rights. 

In honor of their voice ~ your voice, my voice, our collective American voices ~ we’ve created a series called The People’s Postcards.  

Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant from the Caribbean who, in his early 20s, found a job as an assistant to George Washington. He eventually became a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, helped author the Federalist Papers, and served as the first US Secretary of the Treasury. The quote on our postcard was part of a speech Hamilton gave at the New York state convention in Poughkeepsie, where he urged representatives to ratify the US Constitution.

Born a slave in Maryland about 1818, Frederick Douglass became one of the most ardent and eloquent human rights activists and orators in US history, speaking and writing on behalf of African-Americans, Native Americans, women, and immigrants. He also became a government official and newspaper publisher. The above quote was part of a speech Douglass gave in the District of Columbia on the 23rd anniversary of emancipation in DC.

Friends, we are the WE in “We the People…” Let’s keep up the good work of forming a more perfect union. Together.

The People’s Postcards

  • letterpress printed by yours truly
  • postal service-compliant at 6” x 4.25”
  • pre-stamped! — ready to pen and send
  • sturdy bamboo cardstock paper
  • $8.50 for a set-of-10 stamped postcards
  • order direct from Emily Hancock at


Summer News from St Brigid Press


Summer News from St Brigid Press

Greetings, Friends!

Summer is in full-swing here at the Press, and we have a few new projects to debut: 

  • Blue Bird Greeting Cards
  • HIKE Virginia Postcards
  • Gone Fishin' Coasters

When we first spied this wonderful ornament of swallows in flight, we knew it had to be a feature on our next greeting card project. Not only do the birds appear on each design, we decided to name the whole line after them ~ Blue Bird Greeting Cards!

Available in two styles at the moment, "thinking of you" and "happiest of days," these letterpress printed cards can carry your well wishes near and far.


Next up: postcards!

Inspired by the natural beauty out the Press's front door, we've created two postcards that celebrate Virginia's mountains:

Each are USPS-compliant, and come pre-paid ~ all you have to do is pen and send!


Lastly, here is our brand new coaster design, perfect for slipping under a drink at the end of a lazy summer day by the river:

Found in the back of an old typecase, we love this vintage copper print block! And, as with all of our coasters, these are extra-thick, color-fast, and biodegradable.


Thanks for taking a look at what's happening at the Press this summer! If you'd like to see more photos and information about these items, please see the listing on our Products page!

All best to all,

St Brigid Press



"Deep Peace..." Celtic Notecards

"DEEP PEACE  of the running waves to you

DEEP PEACE  of the flowing air to you

DEEP PEACE  of the shining stars to you

DEEP PEACE  of the quiet earth to you

DEEP PEACE  of the gentle night to you

DEEP PEACE  of the God of peace to you"


Our roots are showing here at St Brigid Press. From our name to our green-themed color scheme, we don't mind sharing a bit of our Celtic lineage. Which is why we were honored to accept a commission for notecards featuring this ancient Irish blessing. From occasions of joy to expressions of sorrow, the gift of peace is always welcome.

Deep Peace front

Deep Peace interior

Letterpress printed on our 100-year-old foot-treadled presses, these "Deep Peace" cards are made of thick, 100% cotton Holyoke Paper. The typeface is the beautiful "American Uncial," which was first designed in 1943 by Victor Hammer, and is resonant of millennia-old scripts. We hand-set each metal letter and space, and added lovely penline flourishes from the Dale Guild Type Foundry for ornament. Inks are oil-based and color-fast.

Deep Peace Am Uncial

These "Deep Peace" cards are now available in our online STORE, as well as at Stone Soup Books and Cafe in Waynesboro, Virginia, in singles or packs-of-three (all with matching envelopes).

Deep Peace three

For whatever occasion, these notecards offer the beauty and peace of their heritage, along with the care and craft of their creation.

With thanks, and all best from the Press,

St Brigid Press

PS: Listen to Emily Hancock tell NPR's Martha Woodroof how St Brigid Press got its name: (48-second interview)

The 1909 Golding Pearl foot-treadled printing press.

Close-up of the front of the Deep Peace notecard.

Close-up of the interior of the Deep Peace notecard.

Close-up of the back of the Deep Peace notecard.