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"Deep Peace..." Celtic Notecards

"DEEP PEACE  of the running waves to you

DEEP PEACE  of the flowing air to you

DEEP PEACE  of the shining stars to you

DEEP PEACE  of the quiet earth to you

DEEP PEACE  of the gentle night to you

DEEP PEACE  of the God of peace to you"


Our roots are showing here at St Brigid Press. From our name to our green-themed color scheme, we don't mind sharing a bit of our Celtic lineage. Which is why we were honored to accept a commission for notecards featuring this ancient Irish blessing. From occasions of joy to expressions of sorrow, the gift of peace is always welcome.

Deep Peace front

Deep Peace interior

Letterpress printed on our 100-year-old foot-treadled presses, these "Deep Peace" cards are made of thick, 100% cotton Holyoke Paper. The typeface is the beautiful "American Uncial," which was first designed in 1943 by Victor Hammer, and is resonant of millennia-old scripts. We hand-set each metal letter and space, and added lovely penline flourishes from the Dale Guild Type Foundry for ornament. Inks are oil-based and color-fast.

Deep Peace Am Uncial

These "Deep Peace" cards are now available in our online STORE, as well as at Stone Soup Books and Cafe in Waynesboro, Virginia, in singles or packs-of-three (all with matching envelopes).

Deep Peace three

For whatever occasion, these notecards offer the beauty and peace of their heritage, along with the care and craft of their creation.

With thanks, and all best from the Press,

St Brigid Press

PS: Listen to Emily Hancock tell NPR's Martha Woodroof how St Brigid Press got its name: (48-second interview)

The 1909 Golding Pearl foot-treadled printing press.

Close-up of the front of the Deep Peace notecard.

Close-up of the interior of the Deep Peace notecard.

Close-up of the back of the Deep Peace notecard.



Winter Notecards

Peace Be Notecard and mountains Greetings All,

Inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround us and the deep starry skies that glisten above us, we are glad to offer our new series of greeting cards for the winter season: "Peace Be."

Hand-carved mountains and stars, by Emily Hancock.

Originally commissioned by Blue Ridge Life Magazine, these cards were designed and letterpress printed in our shop from vintage wood type, metal type, and a hand-carved linoleum block. Cardstock is thick, 110lb, 100% cotton paper, in Pearl White with matching envelopes. Printed in rich blue ink on the 1914 Chandler and Price foot-powered press.

The back of the "Peace Be" Notecards.

Limited edition. $4 each, or $12 per set-of-four.

Only available online, order direct from our STORE.

Autumn blessings,

St Brigid Press

Winter Notecards, inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding St Brigid Press. May be purchased singly, or in sets of four.