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A Day of Peace


A Day of Peace

Late this afternoon, as I was hauling wood by hand up to the house in the growing twilight, I thought of Wendell Berry’s poem, “The Peace of Wild Things.” In it, the speaker asserts that being present with nature—with the wood duck and heron, still water and stars—restores him, returns him to the state of wild grace that our fraught human existence often fractures and masks. 

I was tired, the tractor wouldn’t start, and sleet was forecast overnight. Grabbing a small dolly, I loaded fragrant splits of white oak onto its frame. The second time trudging up the hill from the woodshed, I suddenly woke up to the sound of birds. Without the tractor’s rattle, I could hear all the small lives that were preparing for night—the cheeps and whistles of sparrows, titmice, a phoebe. Instead of the heaviness of the wood, I felt light. Breathed in chilly, smoke-scented air. Looked up to clouds purling in from the west. Said, thank you.

 A fit, graced end to this day of printing peace. 


“peace” holiday cards on press this morning —

using antique wood type from the St Brigid Press collection

“Peace” holiday cards on press this afternoon —

composed with metal type and ornaments

And now, an evening by the fire.

May you all be well, warm, and filled with peace.

Our trusty Jøtel woodstove, warming us this chilly night.



The Holiday Table

Japanese Maple Greetings, Friends,

We hope you all had a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving! Our table here was ringed with joyful spirits and filled with beautiful bounty.

'Tis the season for many things, especially Gratitude, and as we approach the two-year anniversary of St Brigid Press, we are aware of so many blessings: dear friends made, serendipitous connections with printers and bookmakers across the world, the joy of spending the days making things by hand, much learning about antique machinery and practices(!!!), and the amazing support of friends and family and the support of those who have taken a bit of what we've made home with them.

To all of you we say a deep-hearted THANK YOU. May your holy seasons be filled with peace and warmth, and may a centerpiece of every table be gratitude.

All our best,

St Brigid Press

Mira, the Shop Dog, says, "Keep warm and get plenty of rest this Season!"



Winter Notecards

Peace Be Notecard and mountains Greetings All,

Inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround us and the deep starry skies that glisten above us, we are glad to offer our new series of greeting cards for the winter season: "Peace Be."

Hand-carved mountains and stars, by Emily Hancock.

Originally commissioned by Blue Ridge Life Magazine, these cards were designed and letterpress printed in our shop from vintage wood type, metal type, and a hand-carved linoleum block. Cardstock is thick, 110lb, 100% cotton paper, in Pearl White with matching envelopes. Printed in rich blue ink on the 1914 Chandler and Price foot-powered press.

The back of the "Peace Be" Notecards.

Limited edition. $4 each, or $12 per set-of-four.

Only available online, order direct from our STORE.

Autumn blessings,

St Brigid Press

Winter Notecards, inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding St Brigid Press. May be purchased singly, or in sets of four.