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Raise Your Glasses, Everyone!


…And see who can find

all 8 classic styles of beer or 8 varietals of wine

hidden in these coasters' word puzzles!

St Brigid being the patron saint of both poets and brewmasters, we here at St Brigid Press enjoy a good pint of porter or glass of cabernet with good friends after the workday is done. In honor of this, we've designed an old-fashioned word puzzle to share over your next round!

Beer Puzzle Coasters

These puzzles are one-of-a-kind, designed here by Emily Hancock (a long-time fan of word puzzles) and letterpress printed from hand-set metal type on thick coaster stock. They are durable, reusable, and colorfast. And when the last stain of stout or Merlot has finally obscured the letters, these coasters are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Wine Puzzle Coasters

$12 per set-of-6. Order direct from St Brigid Press HERE. Or if you are in the Waynesboro, Virginia, area, pick these up at Stone Soup Books. (And for a list of the hidden beer styles and wine varietals, click HEREdon't peek!!!).

CHEERS, Friends!

St Brigid Press

Each letter in the puzzles is hand-set...

…and printed one-at-a-time on the 1914 Chandler and Price foot-treadled press.

The back of each coaster displays our imprint.

The bag tags for the coaster sets are also hand-set and letterpress printed.

Cheers! (…We'll fix that empty glass after work ;-)