"Dear March, come in -- how glad I am…" writes Emily Dickinson, and indeed we are welcoming the new month and its new growth with new projects here at St Brigid Press:

The print shop is housed in a small room that has served as a laundry room, dog kennel, and storage space -- so there is much cleaning (and cleaning out) to do! I've been taking up the old, dusty carpet, putting down rubber mats at work stations, and hauling assorted "stuff" to the shed (where it will wait to be either recycled, given away, or dumped).

This week I have also been cleaning and sanding some sturdy old type cabinets and cases, in preparation for repainting (Hershey is inspecting the sanding job in the above picture). Not sure where they originally came from, but sometime in their history they were given coats of (to me) gastly colors -- lime green, grey, bright orange-red, teal, and crimson! Yikes! We're going to calm things down with a nice uniform application of a color called "Cedar Path Green." Ahhh…. When finished, these cabinets will house St Brigid Press' collection of metal type and ornaments.

Thanks be for sun and warmth for a day of painting under the poplar tree!