Joy on the Press As I stood at the old Pearl treadle-press yesterday, listening to the rhythm of the turning gears, the spinning flywheel, as we printed more holiday gift tags, I was filled with the sense of participating deeply in the Season. As each little tag bearing the word "JOY" came off the press and onto its stack to dry, I couldn't help feeling joy myself, welling from within.

How wondrous to be part (in whatever ways -- small or large or unique) of that Mystery which rises and weaves and creates in us and between us, the Peace and Joy which lift off the page and enter any of us who come bearing the gifts of an open heart, open mind, open hand,  and which can heal us, within and without.

I give thanks this Season for the connection I have with each of you, and hope that your Hanukah, Christmas, and New Year are filled with Light and Love. And lots of JOY :-)

With gratitude,


Joy Holiday Gift Tag