EarthMono2 Contrary to the popular maxim, there are ways in which the world is very large, indeed. And there is a LOT of great poetry in it.

The depth and breadth of literature (oral and written) through time and across cultures is astonishing. In honor of the wonderful poetry happening in many ages and places, St Brigid Press has begun a series of letterpress printed broadsides featuring in English the work of poets writing in diverse languages and time-periods. Throughout the coming year, we will be offering limited edition, hand-set prints of poems-in-translation, from 5th century Chinese classics to 21st century Syrian classics-to-be.

Thanks for journeying with us. May these poems enlarge your being and your world, as they have for us!

All best to all,

St Brigid Press


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"Detached letters & word fragments from the 9th century Faddan More Psalter, held together by ink." Image courtesy of, via

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