Mira, the Shop Dog, watching over her Princess-dom in the May evening light.

Warm greetings from the Press!

Forgive our "radio silence" for the past few months ~ we have been hard at work, finishing several commissions and, as you will see, completely revamping our website. We're just now coming up for some beautiful Spring air, and wanted to take a moment to let you know about some of the irons currently in the fire here.


One of our Spring projects has been to expand our selection of hand-bound blank books, as well as our repertoire of binding styles. For the past couple of weeks, Emily has had great fun learning a type of Asian side-bound (or stab-bound) book called "Kangxi." It hails originally from China, where it was developed to honor one of the first Qing Dynasty emperors:

Poetry Chapbook:

Forthcoming in the autumn of 2015 will be a new collection of poems by Emily Hancock. We are in the early stages of designing the book format, settling on a typeface, and making decisions about paper. Here's a sneak-peek at the beautiful "water drops" silk-screen printed mulberry paper from Thailand that will be the cover:

Etcetera, etcetera, and so forth!

In between and around the larger book projects, we're continually having fun creating coasters, journals, a new line of Blue Ridge notecards, calling cards, and the like. Let us know if you'd like us to handcraft something just for you, from personalized stationery to business cards!

Happy beautiful spring days to you all!

St Brigid Press