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"Sky Dream" ~ Poetry in Translation

Image courtesy of NASA. Our new broadside series, "Poetry in Translation," highlights great literature from many places and many ages. We are excited to begin in ancient China, around 800 C.E., with the "ghostly genius" poet Li Ho.

 A drawing of 9th century Chinese poet Li Ho, from the book Wan hsiao tang-Chu chuang-Hua chuan (晩笑堂竹荘畫傳), published in 1921.

His fabulous poem Sky Dream, translated here by Jeff Schwaner, looks at the moon (a "toad's eye," a "jade wheel") and at what the moon might see from its vantage point high above earth's beauty and trouble.

"Sky Dream," by Li Ho, translated by Jeff Schwaner.

Our broadside, 10" square, was designed, hand-set in metal type, and letterpress printed here at St Brigid Press. The text is set in Bembo, a venerable typeface descended from 15th century Venetian originals, with title and author name in Garamond Italic. Sky Dream is printed upon tissue-thin Unryu paper, which literally means "Cloud Dragon Paper" and is made from the fibers of the kozo plant. The Unryu is backed by light grey Stonehenge paper, and framed by a night-sky-colored mat. This broadside was produced in a limited edition of 32 numbered copies. $15 each.

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For more information about the poem, the poet, and the translator, please click HERE.

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St Brigid Press

Printed with the Challenge 15MP proof press, onto tissue-thin Unryu paper.

Sky Dream: paper-thin

With a circle mat-cutter, we designed the "moon."

The colophon is printed on the back, with penciled edition number.